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Vacation / Out of Office (OoO) - email

  • IMATH uses its own mailserver, but all emails sent outside of IMATH to an IMATH email address will first be received by the Lotus Mailserver of the ID. Then the mail is forwarded to the IMATH mailserver.
  • /!\ Attention: to set up OoO correctly, you have to either

    • configure the OoO on both places, see below 'Vacation Zimbra' and 'Vacation Lotus', or

    • better: ask the IT to activate the fetchmail setup for you (recommended).

Vacation Zimbra

  1. Log onto the webmail interface mail.math.uzh.ch

  2. Go to Preferences > Mail > (scroll the big right window down) Receiving Messages > When a message arrives: Send auto-reply message: ...


  1. Press Save

Please be aware: Notifications will only be sent once a week per person. This means, if you send a testmail to yourself on Monday, you will receive the automatic reply. If you send a second testmail to yourself 5 days later, you will not!

Vacation Lotus (ID)

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