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Printing at the institute

Via Notebook / Desktop


All printers of the institute are connected to a central print server, which logs and counts all print jobs. Before a print is sent to a printer, the system gets the page number and job settings, calculates the costs and checks permissions and credits for the sender. After a successful printing, the credits will be subtracted.

Credits and free printing

black and white


members of the institute*






* Members of the institute are: Professors, Staff, Assistants (PostDocs and PhDs), Guests.
** Assistants need to refill the credit (for free) after printing 100 colored pages per semester.
*** Students with 'Hauptfach Mathematik' or "Hauptfach Bio Statistic" get free credits worth 20 SFr. per semester.

A printjob is counted based on page number, page format (A4 or A3), simplex or duplex and black/white or color. Special settings like A3, color or stapling are only available on some special printers like jcolor, ka and kcolor.

Prices for all printers with different settings!

Printing 'I-MATH' vs. 'UZH Printplus (UPP)'

At the institute there are two printing solutions available: 'I-MATH'-based and 'UZH Printplus (UPP)'-based.




All printers & copiers

Copiers 'k' and 'jcolor'. Thinlinc Print Dialog: UZHPrintPlus

UZH wide




Low. I-MATH pays the infrastructure

High. UZH


Only a few dedicated rooms (not public)

'k', 'jcolor' - use your UZH badge, free


see below

UZH Printplus

Check your current print credit

Charging Credit

You can view your credit, your settings and your last 50 print jobs in your account admin panel: myMath.
Users can charge credits at the office 27-J-40. The credit can be used immediately.
Assistants can also write an email to the system support, but in this case probably have to wait some time until the credit is loaded up.

Printer Names

Printing from your notebook

Please review the specific page:

You can also use our thinlinc client to connect to our enviroment where everything is set up already.

For additional information about how to connect to our servers from your computer or how to transfer data from your device to our thinlinc servers go to

Printing on Group-Accounts

People, who are assigned to a group (made by the IT), can print on this group account. All members of the group have a link on the myMath Homepage, where they can see the Print-History of the group.

For printing on a group account, a job-billing information has to be sent with the print job. In many print dialogs (for example: Firefox) you have in the tab 'Job' in the section 'Job Details' a field 'Billing info'. There you must enter the group name (all lowercase) to print on the group account. In other print dialogs (especially the gtklp dialog) you have in the tab 'Special' the field 'Extra Options'. There you must type: job-billing=<group> where '<group>' is again the lowercase group name you wish to print on. On a console (with lp command) you can use the option -o job-billing=<group> for printing on a group account.

If you have problems with printing on a group account, please come to J11 or J40.

Create own printer instances

Create own printer instances with personal settings. Such instances are only available via command line.

# Create an instance 'jcolor/bw', which prints to 'jcolor', but always in b/w:
$ lpoptions -p jcolor/bw -o ColorModel=Gray

# To use the new instance:
$ lp -d jcolor/bw output.pdf

# Show all printer, incl. instances:
$ lpstat -t

# The local instances are saved under

Printing with Command Line




List all printers

lpstat -a

lstat -a

Show default printer

lpstat -d

lstat -d

Set default printer

lpoptions -d <printer>

lpoptions -d k


lp [-d <printer>] <file>

lp -d h52 paper.pdf

Printing n copies (see note 1)

lp -n <number> [-d <printer>] <file>

lp -n 5 paper.pdf

Printing n copies (see note 1) in the order 1,2,3...

lp -o Collate=True -n <number> <file>

lp -o Collate=true -n 5 paper.pdf

Print 2 pages on one site

lp -o number-up=2 <file>

lp -p number-up=2 paper.pdf

Printing one sided on a duplex printer

lp -o duplex=None <file>

lp -o duplex=None paper.pdf

Printing duplex with turning on short edge

lp -o duplex=DuplexTumble <file>

lp -o duplex=DuplexTumble paper.pdf

Printing transparencies

lp -o media=Transparency <file>

lp -o media=Transparency <file>

Printing with stapling (see note 1) - only printer jcolor and k

lp -o StaplePos=1PLU <file>

lp -o Duplex=None -o StaplePos=1PLU -o sides=one-sided <file>

Note 1: Pay attention on combining copies and stapling. If you like to print a PDF (e.g. 4 pages) 10 times, do NOT use the -n <number> parameter. The whole printjob, 4 pages * 10 copies, will be stapled together (only one)!

Solution: Use the 'Repeat Job' option in the advanced tab of the print dialog.

Printing exams

If you have a personalized exam, one PDF for all students, and you like to print it and the output should be:

than use the pdfPrintSequential script (commandline).

$ pdfPrintSequential -o Duplex=None -o StaplePos=1PLU -o sides=one-sided <file.pdf> <printer> <pages per exam> <start page to print from> <delay in seconds>



pdfPrintSequential -o Duplex=None -o StaplePos=1PLU -o sides=one-sided exam.pdf k 16 1 0

printer 'k', 16 pages per exam, starting at 1, no delay


pdfPrintSequential -o Duplex=None -o sides=one-sided exam.pdf jcolor 8 33 5

printer 'jcolor', 8 pages per exam, starting at 33, 5 seconds delay

Poster Printing (large)

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