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Configuring an Account


  1. Go to File > New > Mail Account...


  1. Enter your name, mail address and password.
  2. Press Continue


  1. If you would like to use our mail account from outside the university, you have to change the SMTP port.

    1. Press Edit

    2. Set the value next to SMTP to 2525

    3. Press Re-test Configuration

  2. Press Create Account

Apple Mail

Configuration for IMAP-Konto

  1. Go to Menu > Mail > Preferences > Accounts

  2. Click '+' to create a new email account
  3. Choose account type (IMAP)
  4. Enter the needed data (Reference Card)

  5. Save and exit

Now all the folders from your mail account should appear.

  • To change the behaviour of the defaul folders of Apple Mail, do the following:
  • Select the folder you want to edit (f.e. Sent)

  • Go to Menu > Mailbox > Use This Mailbox For

  • Choose the desired function

Other Mail Clients

All informations needed to configure an email account can be found here.

Forwarding email

  1. Log on the webmail interface mail.math.uzh.ch

  2. Preferences > Mail > Receiving Messages > When a message arrives: Forward a copy to ...


  1. Press Save

Vacation / Out of office - email

  1. Log on the webmail interface mail.math.uzh.ch

  2. Go to Preferences > Mail > Receiving Messages > When a message arrives: Send auto-reply message: ...


  1. Press Save

Please be aware: Notifications will only be send once a week per person. This means, if you send yourself a testmail on Monday, you'll receive the automatic reply. If you send yourself a second testmail 5 days later, you won't!

Show Zimbra Calendar in Thunderbird

Zimbra Calendar