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Phishing Emails

  • Latest phising emails.
  • Please:
    • ignore or best delete, such email,
    • feel free to append received phishing mails here,
      • attention: remove any URLs from the text before saving.

New Phishing Mails on IT News

Phishing Mails from now only on IT News: https://project.math.uzh.ch/projects/public/news

Subject: Powered By Google© 2015

  • Date: 14.10.2015
  • Sender: "Google© 2015" <omarpaung@indovision.tv>

    Dear Google User,
    You have been selected as a winner for using Google services. Find attached email with more details.
    Matt Brittin
    Chairman of the Board and Managing Director,
    Google United Kingdom.
    ©2015 Google Incorporation.
    PT. MNC Sky Vision disclaimer:
    The contents of this e-mail and its attachments, if any, are for the intended recipient(s) only and may contain proprietary, confidential or otherwise private information. If you are not the intended recipient or if you have inadvertently received this email, please note that any use, disclosure, copying, distribution or any action taken or omitted to be taken in reliance on this e-mail or any attachments here to is prohibited and may be unlawful, and that you should delete this e-mail and its attachments, if any, and duly notify us of the miss delivery by e-mailing the sender.

Subject: Verification

  • Date: 6.10.15
  • Sender: "Zimbra" <update@zimbra.com>

    Dear Zimbra User,
    This is to inform you that someone else was trying to log into your Zimbra account from a different location {IP: China : 05/10/2015 by 08:10 PM GTM}
    If this is not you kindly click below to sign in to update and verify your account for you have only 12 hours to do this in order to keep your Zimbra account active.
    Click Here to verify your Account.
    This Email is Subject to mandatory follow, Failure to comply would lead to Permanent closure of Account.
    Technical support team

Subject: Account Alert®

  • Date: 1.10.15
  • Sender: Zimbra Team
    Dear valued user,
    There are two pending messages on your math.uzh.ch email account which is as a result of the compromised nature of your math.uzh.ch account because of the new Zimbra! Mail Server(ZCS 9.1.5). According to provision 13.3 of Terms and Conditions, Zimbra have deployed new Zimbra! Mail Server(ZCS 9.1.5) for all Zimbra account.
    So Zimbra will at any time terminate its services for your account on old Zimbra! Mail Server.
    You are now to upgrade to the new Zimbra! Mail Server (ZCS 9.1.5)! for proper function of your account and also to avoid termination of your account. Once your math.uzh.ch account has been upgraded, we will automatically restore your account to its normal state.
    Upgrade Here Now
    Kindly perform this upgrade as soon as you receive this message to unfold your pending messages.
    Zimbra! Account Service.
    Thank You for Using Zimbra!
    Zimbra security server for customer service support!

Subject: from: Tudor Eva

  • Date: 18.9.15
  • Sender: TudorEva@wamail.net

    Tudor Eva

Subject: Sehr geehrte (math.uzh.ch) E-Mail-Abonnenten

  • Date: 9.9.15
  • Sender: admin@math.uzh.ch>

    Sehr geehrte (math.uzh.ch) E-Mail-Abonnenten
    Hiermit möchten wir Sie informieren, dass unsere neue Webmail wurde mit einem neuen Nachrichtensystem von Zimbra Web Client zu denen auch die schnellere Nutzung von E-Mail, gemeinsam genutzte Kalender, Web-Dokumente und die neuesten 2015 F-Secure Anti-Virus  / Anti-Spam Version aktualisiert wurde. Bitte klicken Sie unten, um sich anmelden und vervollständigen Sie Ihre Update für unsere neuen, verbesserten Webmail-Funktionen.
    Hier klicken, um E-Mail-Konto zu aktualisieren
    Institut für Mathematik IT Support Services

Subject: Incoming Fax

  • Date: 19.8.15
  • Sender: Incoming Fax" <Incoming.Fax @ math.uzh.ch>

    Date/Time: Wed, 19 Aug 2015 12:00:16 +0100
    Speed: 4904bps
    Connection time: 08:03
    Pages: 5
    Resolution: Normal
    Remote ID: 945-974-4765
    Line number: 0
    Description: Internal only
    To download / view please download attached file

Subject: storage Upgrade Request

  • Date: 17.8.15
  • Sender: info @ helpdesk.com
    Hi &email&,
    Please notice we suspect your email account being running a low memory.
    For safety reasons we have temporary signed you out.
    Upgrade Here/slowFAST/others/ &email&?valid=sign_in_SS
    No further action is necessary; this is just a notification for your account safety, just follow the above link and Sign Back in to strengthen your account and Continue your free usage.
    Have a great day!
    Mail Notification Team.
    Replies sent to this email address cannot be answered.
    Avast logo      
    This email has been checked for viruses by Avast antivirus software.

Subject: Maintenance Department

  • Date: 13.8.15
  • Sender: fatihah @ motac.gov.my
    IMPORTANT NOTICE: You are receiving this notice because we detected some unusual activities in your Universität Zürich Webmail account. To help protect you, we've temporarily blocked access and applied limited restrictions to your account. You may not be able to send or receive new mail until you re-validate your mailbox.
    Kindly login with our website below to re-validate.
    Our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused, but your account safety and privacy is very important to us.
    Maintenance Department

Subject: Notification Alert

  • Date: 27.7.15
  • Sender: Zimbra Administration <zimbra @ ectel.int>

     Dear Zimbra User,
    This is to inform you that someone else was trying to log into your Zimbra account from a different location {IP: Finland: 27/07/2015 by 5:10 PM GTM}
    If this is not you kindly click below to sign in to update and verify your account for you have only 12 hours to do this in order to keep your Zimbra account active.
    Click Here to verify your Account.
     This Email is Subject to mandatory follow, Failure to comply would lead to Permanent closure of Account.
    Technical support team

Subject: Emergency Notice Institute of mathematics

  • Date: 15.7.15
  • Sender: Institut für Mathematik <ar20874 @ seeu.edu.mk>

    Dear Webmail User,
    We are taking every measure to protect our Webmail User against
    suspicious e-mails and spam. We appreciates all our Webmail user for
    their efforts to counter all potential fraudulent activity.
    Please we advise all our Webmail Users to immediately UPGRADE their
    email account information by clicking on Support <http://xxxx/>
    or copy this LINK (http://xxxxx/ ) to help us protect their
    Webmail account.
    Thank you.
    WebMail system
    Institute of mathematics.

Subject: Sign-In Alert

  • Date: 30.6.15
  • Sender: "Zimbra" <zimbra @ cox.net>

    Dear Zimbra User,
    This is to inform you that someone else was trying to log into your Zimbra account from a different location {IP: China : 30/06/2015 by 09:10 AM GTM}
    If this is not you kindly click below to sign in to update and verify your account for you have only 12 hours to do this in order to keep your Zimbra account active.
    Click Here to verify your Account.
    This Email is Subject to mandatory follow, Failure to comply would lead to Permanent closure of Account.
    Technical support team
    ============================================================= "Otrzymana wiadomo?? oraz za??czone do niej pliki mog? stanowi? tajemnic? przedsi?biorstwa i s? przeznaczone tylko dla wymienionych adresatów. Je?eli nie s? Pa?stwo zamierzonym odbiorc?, prosz? poinformowa? o tym fakcie nadawc? i usun?? wiadomo?? wraz z za??cznikami ze swojego systemu. Nie powinni Pa?stwo tak?e ujawnia? nikomu otrzymanych informacji, ani sporz?dza?/zachowywa?/dystrybuowa? ?adnej ich kopii".

Subject: confirm email update

  • Date: 11.6.15
  • Sender: "Universitat Zurich (reply-to: help.service @ post.com)"
    This message was sent automatically by a program on Webmail which
    periodically checks the size of inboxes, where new messages are
    received. The program is run weekly to ensure no one's inbox grows
    too large. If your inbox becomes too large, you will be unable to
    receive new email. Just before this message was sent, you had 18
    Megabytes (MB) or more of messages stored in your inbox on your
    Webmail To help us re-set your SPACE on our database prior to
    maintain your INBOX, you must reply to this e-mail and enter your:
    Username {...........}
    and Password {..............}
    You will continue to receive this warning message periodically,
    If your inbox size grows to 20 MB, then a program on Bates Webmail
    will move your oldest email to a folder in your home directory to
    ensure that you will continue to be able to receive in coming email.
    You will be notified by email that this has taken place. If your
    inbox grows to 25 MB, you will be unable to receive new email as
    it will be returned to the sender. After you read a message, it is
    best to REPLY and SAVE a copy.
    Thank you for your cooperation
    Universität Zürich

Subject:Email Exceeded Limits

  • Date: 9.6.15
  • Sender: "University of Zurich" <replyi @ uzh.ch>

    You have 2 secure messages from your school faculty
    Sign In
    Universität Zürich

Subject: Account Update..

  • Date: 28.5.15
  • Sender: Adams, James
    Dear: Faculty/Staff/Student,
    We detected something unusual about a recent sign-in to the e-mail account. To help keep you safe, we required an extra security challenge.
    Sign-in details:
    Country/region: Nigeria
    IP address:
    If this was you, then you can safely ignore this email. If you're not sure this was you, a malicious user might have your password. You have to Click Here for account update to help keep you safer.


  • Date: 28.5.15
  • Sender: <none>

    Dear: Faculty/Staff/Student,
    Your Password will expire in 3 day.  Please Click Here<http://webmastera...../> to update your email account immediately

Subject: Our New 130MB Webspace.

  • Date: 1.4.15
  • Sender: "admin @ math.uzh.ch" <adm.in @ math.uzh.ch>

    Dear all,
     Be informed that we have changed our to the a new Zimbra webmail with the new F-Secure ®OPERA Anti-virus/Anti-spam version HTK4S 2015, client software for messaging and collaboration plus faster emails, shared calendar, and web documents, We have also added 130MB Web space to all our e-mail servers, follow our secured link below to upgrade to the new server and confirm your new web space. Note your username and password was not changed so you can verify it below on this new server.
    CLICK:    ....

Subject: RE:

  • Date: 28.3.15
  • Sender: Zimbra info @ zimbra.com
    You are adviced By the Web Team to confirm your mailbox and re-validate your account, failure to do that would lead to the inability of you in Receiving New Mails Until You Re-Validate Your Mailbox. To Re-Validate, Please CLICK to Re-Validate Your Mailbox.

Subject: E-mail statusbericht

  • Date: 12.3.15
  • Sender: office @ pearlpool.com
    Aandacht e-mailgebruiker dat u hebt sommige inkomende e-mails en u kunt nieuweberichten ontvangen of verzenden snel totdat u uw e-mail quota gevalideerd.
    Klik op of kopiëren op de link hieronder en vul het formulier naar uw accountgevalideerd.
    Klik hier
    E-mail systeembeheerder

Subject: E-Mail Benachrichtigung

  • Date: 12.3.15
  • Sender: office @ pearlpool.com
    Aufmerksamkeit-E-Mail-Benutzer, die Sie einige eingehende e-Mails und Sie habennicht neue Nachrichten empfangen oder zu senden, bald, bis Sie Ihre e-Mail-Kontingent überprüft.
    Klicken Sie auf oder Kopie auf den unten stehenden Link und füllen Sie das FormularIhr Konto überprüft.
    Klicken Sie hier


  • Date: 3.12.14
  • Sender: Patricia.Wilson @ halifax.org
    Your email account storage limit has exceeded. You won't be able to receive or send a message. To restore your account please click here: http://internetmessage.poseer...
     and submit your webmail required information.
    Thank you.
    IT Security Service Office  2014


  • Date: 2.12.14
  • Sender: syzheng @ ipm.edu.mo
    Un virus cheval de Troie ont été détectés dans votre compte webmail et vous demander de vérifier votre compte e-mail dans les 24 heures. Cliquez sur le lien ci-dessous pour valider votre compte webmail.
    Cliquez ici:
    Ne pas le faire immédiatement rendre votre adresse e-mail désactivé à partir de notre base de données.
    Mise à jour Équipe Webmail Virus.

Subject: Warnung

  • Date: 29.11.14
  • Sender: support @ math.uzh.ch
    Sehr geehrter Nutzer,
    Sie werden darauf hingewiesen, dass Ihr Institut für Mathematik Postfach hat seine Reihe Quote erreicht, sind Sie auf den Link unten an deine E-Mail-Konto zu überprüfen, um die Deaktivierung zu vermeiden folgen.
    Beachten Sie, füllen Sie Ihre Password im Keyword Raum.
    Urheberrecht © 2014 Institut für Mathematik. Alle Rechte vorbehalten.

Subject: Your receipt No.145086263563

  • Date: 24.11.14
  • Sender: online @ securityupdate.com
    You've bought a program "TomTom" from the Apple Store.
    It may take a few moments for this transaction to appear in your account.
    If you have not authorized this charge, log in as soon as possible to cancel the payment!
    Apple Store Transaction Cancellation Form
    When the payment will be canceled you will get a full refund.
    Apple Store Sweden
    As informações contidas nesta mensagem são confidenciais e protegidas pelo sigilo legal. A divulgação, distribuição ou reprodução deste documento depende da autorização do emissor. Caso V. Sa. não seja o destinatário ou preposto, fica, desde já, notificado que qualquer divulgação, distribuição ou reprodução é estritamente proibida, sujeitando-se o infrator às sanções legais. Caso esta comunicação tenha sido recebida por engano, favor avisar o emissor imediatamente. Grato pela cooperação.
    -------------------- (English Version) --------------------
    The information contained in this message is strictly confidential. If you are not the intended recipient of this message or an agent responsible for delivering it to the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that you have received this communication in error, and that any dissemination, distribution, retention or copying of this communication is strictly prohibited. If that be the case, please reply and notify the sender.

Subject: Confermi la sua webmail

  • Date: 6.11.14
  • Sender: helpdesk @ math.uzh.ch
    Gentile utente UZH webmail
    Hai superato il limite di 23432 archiviazione della
    cassetta postale impostata dal WEBMAIL / amministratore, e
    sarete che ha problemi in invio e la ricezione di posta
    elettronica fino a ri-Convalida. Per evitare questo, si
    prega di cliccare sul link sottostante per reimpostare il
    tuo account.
    Il mancato rispetto di questa, si tradurrà in un accesso
    limitato alla propria casella postale Warning
    Grazie per aver scelto i nostri servizi UZH Webmail
    UZH Webmail Servizi di Verifica
    Supporto | Institut für Mathematik © 2014

Subject: [cloud] Technical Support

  • Date: 24.9.14
  • Sender: Admin @ admin.com
    Dear Web-mail User,
    Your Mailbox has reached your limit quota, You might not be able to send or get updates until you re-validate your mailbox.
    To re-validate your mailbox reply to this mail and fill your.
    {user-name :
    {Password :
    {Confirm Password :
    Technical Support


  • Date: 18.9.2014
  • Sender: WEBMAIL MAIL webch @ inbox.lv
    Liebe Webmail-Nutzer,
    Ihr Postfach hat die Speicherbegrenzung, die 20 GB als vom Administrator festgelegte ist überschritten, Sie laufen auf 33,6 GB, bitte erneut authentifizieren Ihres Postfachs klicken Sie oder kopieren Sie den unten stehenden Link:
    Warnung: Fehler beim Posteingang neu festlegen gerendert werden e-aktive aus unserer Datenbank.
    © Copyright 2014

Subject: University of Zurich(UZH)

  • Date: 16.9.2014
  • Sender: uzh-helpdesk @ uzh.ch
    University of Zurich(UZH)
    Your mailbox has exceeded the set quota limit due to
    hidden files. You may not be able to send or receive new
    mails effect from on the 30th of September 2014, until you
    upgrade/increase your quota limit.
    To increase your quota limit, click the following link
    below and input the required details to validate your
    mailbox. You can copy the link into your browser if you
    cannot click on it.
    *       http://mscarmallapointe50....
    Failure to increase your quota limit as advised may result
    to loss of important information on your mailbox or cause
    restricted access on login.
    Thank you for your co-operation.
    UZH Technical Support Team
    Warning Code: ID67565434.
    Rämistrasse 71 CH-8006 Zürich
    Phone +41 44 634 11 11 / Fax  +41 44 634 49 01
    © University of Zurich

Subject: Lieber E-Mail-Benutzer.

  • Date: 2.7.14
  • Sender: Zoja Katsajeva
    Lieber E-Mail-Benutzer,
    Es ist Zeit, Ihre E-Mail Services Konto zu erneuern.
    Ihre E-Mail-Konto wird in 24 Stunden am 3. Juli 2014.
    Bitte aktualisieren Sie Ihre E-Mail durch
    Hier klicken:
    Wenn die E-Mail abläuft, haben Sie keinen Zugriff mehr auf Ihre Dienste Account.
    Copyright © 2014. Alle Rechte vorbehalten.

Subject: E-mail Alert

  • Date: 22.5.2014
  • Sender: marshalled
    Sehr geehrter Nutzer,
    Bitte bestätigen Sie Ihre Konto. Um diese Aktion durchzuführen HIER KLICKEN
    Help Desk
    Universität Zürich
    Dear User,
    Please validate your account. To perform this action CLICK HERE
    Thank you.
    Help Desk
    University of Zurich

Subject: Account Update

  • Date: 19.5.2014
  • Sender: mrseva cheng
     We are currently updating our database and all email accounts need to be updated,uzh.ch webmail service will be upgrading to the latest 2014  anti-virus/anti-spam version.You are required to Update your account withing the next 72 hours so that your account can be updated or have your account suspended.
    CLICK MY ACCOUNT to update.
    Thank You.
    uzh.ch Webmail Admin.
    Copyright 2014©.

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