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How to archive my emails?

  • Typically you do not have to archive your emails, because there is a backup system. Saving disk space (on the mail account) is also 'normally' not necessary.
  • If you leave the institute and you loose your IMATH and also the UZH email address, it might me necessary to make a copy of your mails.

Copy the mails by yourself

Via Thunderbird

  • Quick and easly solution.
    • Drawback: not so stable if you have thousands of emails or a huge amount of folders.
  • Setup any email client on your private computer. F.e. 'Thunderbird' (http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/thunderbird/) or Apple Mail.

  • Configure your IMATH Account.

  • Copy all mails (mark all mails and choose copy) to
    • a local email folder, or
    • to a free email service like gmail, gmx, ... (configure that as an additional account in the email client).
    • You have to do this for every folder.

Via imapsync