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Alternative to Adobe Connect


Alternative software for online meetings and streaming

Android Screen Stream

Share the screen of an android device with a notebook

iOS screen sharing

Share the screen from an ios device to a notebook

Switch Cast

Publish videos on tube.switch.ch

Adobe Connect - Switch Interact

  • Install the Adobe Connect app:
  • Not recommended but possible: Use your Browser with 'Adobe Flash' installed.
    • When you open the URL for the lecture streaming in your browser, the browser will ask you for 'Flash', if not already installed.
    • In most browsers you have to actively permit execution of the Flash plugin: e.g. click on the flash icon (might look like a broken image) and grant access.
    • Caution: be aware, Adobe Flash is an outdated technology and has frequent security problems. Best use the Adobe Connect app.

    • Linux: there is no Adobe Connect app. You have to install Adobe Flash Player

    • Do a test: https://collab.switch.ch/common/help/en/support/meeting_test.htm

Login Student

  • Open the Adobe Connect App and type the specific 'Adobe Connect lecture' URL.
  • Choose between personal AAI login (recommended1) and guest login.


Speaker / Host

  • To use screen sharing: you have to install and use the Adobe Connect App (see above).
    • Important: there is no Adobe Connect for Linux (only the browser version)
      NO SCREEN SHARE for linux >> NO SCREEN SHARE via Thinlinc!
      If you like to show your Thinlinc desktop, use your Windows or Apple Notebook, start screen share on Adobe Connect App, open Thinlinc.

  • First time:
    • Log in: https://collab.switch.ch with your UZH AAI login.

    • Create a meeting.


      • Create a name for your meeting, e.g. the module number of your lecture.
        • switch02.png

      • Typically do not request registration or named user, leave the meeting open for anonymous access.

      • Start Time and Duration seem to do nothing (meeting stays open until you delete it).
      • If you have more than 30 participants, please check https://help.switch.ch/interact/seminar-licence/.

  • Publish the meeting url to your students. In this example: https://collab.switch.ch/mat820


  • Log in to the URL which you provided to your students - use your AAI login.
    • switch03.png switch04.png

  • Make yourself the 'Presenter'
    • switch05.png

  • Share your screen.
    • switch06.png

  • Bring the application to the front, which should be shown to the students.
  • Or share just one application or window.
    • switch07.png

  • You can also share a single document or an interactive whiteboard (Good for Tablets & iPads).

    • switch08.png


  • Write on tablet or convertible
  • Write on regular paper / with a regular pen and record with your phone.
    • Use a phone holder Pearl / Amazon - check some product reviews first on youtube 'phone holder review'.

    • Find a ma solution (idea/picture by Hairuo Yang): phoneHolder.png

Windows: Tablet

  • Use an App wich you are comfortable with. E.g. OneNote, EverNote, PenBook, ...

  • Start the screen share and bring handwriting app to the front.

Sharing Whiteboard from iPad or Android

  • Currently you can only login as guest from the Mobile Apps (no AAI Login)
  • Login to your Meeting from a computer with your AAI login
  • Left Click on the Mobile Guest User and make it a "Presenter"
  • On the Mobile App\
    • Switch to the second tab with the 3 Circles
    • Share Whiteboard (or Document).


  • The iOs Adobe Connect App can't share the screen (as far as we know).
  • Workaround: share the iPad screen to the Mac and on the Mac there is Adobe Connect running and shares the MacBook screen: ios screen sharing.


  • The Android Adobe Connect App can't share the screen (as far as we know).
  • Workaround: we share the tablet screen to the Notebook (Windows) and on the Notebook there is Adobe Connect running and shares the Notebook screen.

Record your session

  • You have to be host to save a recording
  • Click on Meeting > Record Meeting record01.png

  • Give the Recording a name and a description
    • record02.png

  • A new Red Button with a small menu will show where you can
    • record03.png

    • Pause recording.

    • Stop recording.

  • You need to Stop recording for it to be saved.

  • Log into https://collab.switch.ch and navigate to 'recordings'.

    • record04.png


Enable Flash in Chrome


  1. The best is to use the personal AAI login. If this does not work, try the Guest login. (1)

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