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Quick Interface Overview



Start a Meeting With Screen Sharing

  • Go to https://uzh.meet.switch.ch/ or https://jitsi.math.uzh.ch

  • Choose a name for your meeting/lecture (e.g. MAT123) new_meeting.png

  • Allow microphone: allow_microphone.png

  • Click "I am the host" and log in with your UZH shortname i_am_the_host.png

  • Open the settings open_settings.png

  • Give yourself the name HOST name_host.png

  • Check all boxes then press 'ok' check_all_boxes.png

  • Click share screen icon (bottom left corner) share_screen.png

  • Choose whole screen or only one window. Click on the window, then click share choose_share.png

  • Share the link with your students (copy from URL bar) copy_url.png

    • All students will join with their microphone muted and camara off by default
    • Students will see what you see. (Since we've checked the checkbox "Everyone follows me" in the settings above)
  • On the right side you see a panel for each student. If you click on the three vertical dots, a menu opens where you can mute or kick out a student (there is no way to unmute a student, they must do that themselves) kick_student.png

Student Interactions (Questions)

  • Any student can press the hand button to ask for attention (raise hand) raise_hand.png

  • You will see a popup notification and also a hand symbol on the panel of the student who raised their hand: raise_hand_popup.png

  • you can now orally ask that student to turn on their microphone and ask their question.
    • If you hover over the panel of the student you can see his/her full name.
  • Afterwards the student should click the hand button again to lower his/her hand.


Your Screen Sharing Disappears

  • If your screen sharing disappears, click the rectangle in top right corner. Don't click in the middle of the rectangle but close to the border. (If you click in the middle you rename yourself) back_to_screen.png


Join a Meeting

  • Got to the URL given by the lecturer. (URL of the form http://uzh.meet.switch.ch/...)

  • You should immediately see the stream of the host/lecturer. If not, click on the participant named HOST on thre right side. (Hover over the participants to see their names) choose_host.png

  • Your microphone is muted when you join the meeting. Please do not unmute your microphone if you are not asked to do so by the host.
  • Give yourself a name so the host can call you out if you have a question
    • Open settings open_settings.png

    • Change name set_my_name.png

  • If you have a question raise your hand and wait until the host asks you to speak. Then unmute yourself.
    • If the host/lecturer does not see that you raised your hand for too long, unmute and ask for attention.
  • If something does not work anymore, just reload the page.

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