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Tomboy Notes

  • Small app to organize personal notes.
  • Notes can be linked to notes.
  • Notes can be synchronized.
  • URL: https://wiki.gnome.org/Apps/Tomboy

  • Thinlinc: Applications > Accessories > Tomboy Notes


  • Install and configure any cloud storage like drive.math.uzh.ch, drive.switch.ch, Dropbox.

  • Create a directory like ~/Nextcloud/Tomboy (Nextcloud is the personal cloud storage directory).

  • Open Preferences > Synchronization


  • Configure:
    • Service: Local Folder

    • Folder Path: ~/Nextcloud/Tomboy

    • Set: Automatically Sync in Background Every 5 Minutes



  • Q: No sync at all:
    • A: Check that the Nextcloud Client is fine. Quit the client and restart it (on all computers).
  • Q: Outdated notes:
    • A: Have you waited 5 + 5 minutes?
    • A: Nextcloud might have a problem. Check 'Activity' in the nextcloud client (on all computer: a changed file should appear).

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