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Thinlinc 4.12.1 / Ubuntu 20.04

Please check this wiki and write down any problems or requests.



  • OPEN: Screen unlock on reconnect


  • OPEN: gnote shows no icon in application panel.
  • OPEN: Password not cached for Windows connection.
  • OPEN: Enable Screensharing https://project.math.uzh.ch/issues/12712

  • OPEN: Missing Icons for
    • PyCharm, CLion, PhpStorm (Applications > Programming)

    • Remmina
  • OPEN: Mail via commandline broken: cat /etc/hosts | mailx -s test support@math.uzh.ch

  • OPEN: Printer names should only be room number, withour pritner type and print server.
  • OPEN: Audio broken
    • Private notebook/desktop: Please use Thinlinc-Client Version 4.10.0 or greater
    • Terminal Y27: Thinlinc-Client update pending

Fixed / Best Practice



  • Signal Desktop Client

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