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Another skype instance may exist

  • If you start skype on several machines and try to log in with the same username, the login will fail.
  • To kill all running skype processes on all servers, open a terminal and type:

killApp -s
  • You might be asked serveral times for your passord (everytime when the script logs on the next server).

Skype won't start

  • After an unclean stop of Skype (application crashes, desktop session crash, server crash ) it happened frequently that a new start of the application fails.
  • To repair the setup, start either
    • Applications > System Tools > Repair Skype, or

    • skype-clean.sh from a terminal.

Configure on Terminal

  • Connect the headphone to the terminal correctly.
  • Configure the right audio devices in gnome: System > Preferences > Sound 


  • Start Skype: Applications > Internet > Skype and log on.

    • Configure the right audio devices in skype: Ctrl - O > Sound Devices 


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