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screenie is a tool that can help you manage multiple running tasks and keeps your tasks running even if your session is not online.

You need to start screenie in the interactive mode to manage/enter your sessions. To start the interactive mode type screenie into the terminal.

  • Start a new session (non interactive):
    • Open a console and connect through SSH to the machine you want to run the task on.
    • Type screenie -j <session name> <application name> into the terminal. Example: screenie -j maple maple

  • Start a new session (interactive)
    • To enter the interactive mode for screenie, type screenie into the terminal.

    • To enter an existing session press the corresponding number and hit enter. To leave a session without killing the session press ctrl+a+d.

    • To add a new session press a and follow the program's instrutctions

Link to screen: https://wiki.math.uzh.ch/public/screen

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