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screen is a useful tool to keep long time tasks (a.e. magma, matlab) running on a computer without keeping your session online during the whole computation:

  • Initial Start:
    • open a console and connect through SSH to the machine you want to run the task on (most likely: compute.math.uzh.ch) by typing the host name: [user@tlX] compute and enter your password (there is a script called 'compute' which does nothing else than 'ssh compute' - in our evironment it's not necessary to type 'ssh compute')

    • type screen <application name> . F.e.: screen maple

  • Detach:
    • to detach from screen ("send it to background"), press Ctrl + A + D

    • you now can log off from the terminal and your task will keep running
  • Attach again:
    • if you want to check progress of your computations, log into the machine where your task is running like you did before
    • use screen -raAd to connect to your task

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