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Lightning is an Add-On for thunderbird to show remote calendars e.g. of our Zimbra Mailserver.

  • Open Thunderbird and switch to the Calendar view (lower left corner):


  • Move the mouse over the still existing local Thunderbird calendar Home, press the right mouse button and choose New Calendar. Follow the next screenshots.



  • Replace the username in the URL with your own.



Further Calendars

  • You can configure more than one calendar.
  • To find out the right URL:
    • Switch to Firefox and call http://mail.math.uzh.ch .

    • Choose tab Calendar.

    • Move the mouse over the calendar name on the left side.
    • Right mouse click, choose "Share Calendar".
    • Copy/paste the Calendar URL (highlighted in the screenshot).


Known problems

  • If you want to delete an appointment, best do this via web interface in Firefox.

  • If you really want to delete appointments in Thunderbird, you have to:
    • Open the event
    • Choose: Option > Status > Canceled > Save and close.

    • Delete the event with: right mouse click > delete.

    • If you delete the appointment without prior canceling, the appointment will be deleted in Thunderbird, but not in Zimbra.
  • Calendar gets out of sync:
    • From time to time it happens that Thunderbird/Lightning don't show any new appointments or changes.
    • Delete the calendar in Thunderbird (you only delete the connection, not the calendar itself).
    • reconnect the calendar.
  • Reminder
    • If you create a new appointment in Tunderbird, the default is not to remind you.

    • If you create a new appointment in the Zimbra webinterface, the default is to remind you - take care about many unwanted reminders which will appear in Thunderbird suddenly!!!

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