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Adressbuch UZH

  • Thunderbird > Menu > Preferences > Preferences



  • IMPORTANT: Replace Firstname Lastname with your UZH Fullname (typically your complete name, incl. any spaces).

  • At the first search you need login with your UZH-Password.

Date / time format

  • By default, the dates are shown with US locale
  • It's possible to change the Thunderbird UI to f.e. German: Edit > Preferences > Language > English|French|German|Italian

  • If the English is used and german date formating is wished, check: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/customize-date-time-formats-thunderbird

    • In config editor (Edit > Preferences > Search: config > Config Editor) set:

      • intl.date_time.pattern_override.date_short - dd.MM.yyyy

      • intl.date_time.pattern_override.time_short - HH:mm


Subscribe folder (shared mailbox)

Show all folder

To automatically show all folder:

  • In Thunderbird move the mouse over the account do a right mouse click and select 'Settings > Server Settings > Advanced > Show only subscribed folders=off



Individual subscription

If a new folder has been created (maybe via Zimbra, or on a shared mailbox via another user), and Thunderbird does not show the new folder automatically:

  • Please update the 'folder subscription': on the account do a right mouse click and select 'Subscribe'.


  • Subscribe all folder:


Default account

  • If you click on a mailto link in webbrowser, thunderbird will be opened and you can start to write a mail.

  • If you have multiple accounts, it might be useful to define the default account which acts as sender than.
  • Open: Settings > Account Settings


  • Select the new default account, define as 'default'


Add on

Installation: Tools > Add on and themes

  • Tools > Add-on and Themes

tb-add-on-01.png tb-add-on-02.png tb-add-on-03.png

Quick Folder

Attach from Clipboard

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