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For all actions: please authenticate yourself with your UZH-Card (Badge).



  1. Insert your Documents in the paper-feed or the original glass
  2. change the copy settings if requested.
  3. Press start on the Printer-station.

Printing (secure Print)

Secure Print allows you to your print your documents, by UZH Badge authentication.

  1. Select on Thinclinc or Windows one of the print queue
  2. Walk to one of the public printers and authenticate yourself with your badge on:
    • J Floor
    • K Floor
  3. In the Menu
  4. Press Secure Print
  5. Press Drucken und verwalten


  6. Choose one of your print jobs
    • Press Drucken + Löschen to print out

    • To delete jobs press Löschen


  1. Old printing jobs will be removed after 72h.


  • Authenticate via UZH card
  • Press 'Scannen & Senden'

  • Press 'Scan to mail'
  • Scan - will be sent by email, to the address associated with your UZH Shortname.


  • Scan to USB stick.
  • /scratch/scan - comming soon.

Math account != UZH Shortname

  • To print via commandline to a different user queue (e.g. the I-MATH account is different than the official UZH Shortname)

lp -U <UZH Shortname> -d UZH-PrintPlusPCL <file.pdf>

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