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Interview: video call & screen sharing (for presentation)


  • One User needs an AAI Account.
  • Logon: http://www.swicht.ch/de/videoconf

  • Send invitations to all conference participants (Devices: H323, Desktop, Mobile - all mixes are possible).
  • Live video and screen sharing.
  • Easy setup
  • For Multipoint conferences better than Skype

Various services

  • Video Call - options:
    • Skype (recommended)
    • ooVoo
    • Adobe Connect
    • Lotus Sametime
  • Screen sharing - options:
    • Skype
    • Adobe Connect (RTSP Port not blocked by firewall)
    • Teamviewer (free for private use)
    • Lotus Sametime (Java required)

Example Setup: Skype and TeamViewer

  • One notebook: skype interview call and screen sharing on the same notebook.
  • Two notebooks: skype interview on the first notebook, screen sharing on the second notebook.


  • Exchange the Skype usernames.
  • Do a Skype testcall shortly before the interview - this helps skype to adjust the audio quality algorithm.
  • In case of audio quality problems: try to talk as much as possible - the audio quality algorithm tries to find the best settings during the whole call - this only works if there is enough sound.

Screen Sharing: Teamviewer



  • Speaker starts Teamviewer and submits the ID (9 digits) and the Password (4 digits) to the host - best by skype chat (copy paste).

  • Host starts Teamviewer
    • As 'Partner ID' provide in the 'Speaker ID' > 'Connect to partner' > Password: 'the one from the speaker'