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Thinlinc: Terminal Server Environment

Cheat Sheet



Disconnect Session

Press 'F8' > 'Disconnect'

Screen Lock

Activate: Ctrl - Alt - L,
Unlock: to display password prompt, press any key or move the mouse. Sometimes it's necessary to press Esc two times.

USB Stick


Local files


Screen Size

Press 'F8' > 'Fullscreen: Disable' to make a fullscreen Window resizable.
This is also useful at the I-MATH Terminals, if the screen size does not fit perfectly to the monitor (deactivate and then activate the fullscreen mode again).

Keyboard Layout

The keyboard will be automatically detected during log in. If you need special characters, the easiest way is to use the 'Compose Key'

Connect Session


Disconnect Session

Get a new and fresh session

Sometimes it happens that your session is locked for some reason (crashed apps, quota problem, ...). A session disconnect / reconnect does not improve the situation.

Please check the option End existing session in the tlclient login window and log in again. Your old session will be killed and a new session will be created. All open applications will be terminated. Open files might be lost. Use is with caution!


USB sticks: Terminals in building Y27

Remote Access: thinlinc@home

By webbrowser

By native client


Printing at home


Copy files from/to the Thinlinc Session

thinlinc.options.local.drives.png thinlinc.export.local.png


You can also use dropbox or switchdrive to copy data to the thinlinc session.

Keyboard Layout




Private Notebook / Desktop



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