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Set the language


  • Press the 'Settings' key (second symbol above).
  • Choose 'Einstellungen'.
  • Choose 'Benutzer'.
    • You'll be prompted for the password.
  • Choose 'Lokalität'.
  • Choose 'Sprache'.
  • Choose your language.
  • Choose 'Speichern & Beenden'

  • The new language becomes active by going back and leaving the settings menu.




Classic Webclient



55xxx (internal part of the phonenumber)


Request at telefonie@id.uzh.ch

Manual (German)


  • Shows Call history
  • Address book of the whole university.
  • Conferences
  • Start phone calls from your computer.
  • Setup call redirections
  • Classic web client: configure an email to be sent when you missed a call

Smart Client Overview

Start a Call

Type in the number you wish to call in the search box to the top right, you can also search for names in the address book.

Address book

Searchfield in the top right, enter the Name or part of the Name of the person you wish to call.

Call History

Is displayed in the center.


With the (+) Symbol next to the contact names, you can add multiple persons to call at the same time.


Add your own Contacts with the little person symbol next to the search bar


Right there is a tab with a triangle, this is the conference tab. Here you can create conferences and invite people to it.

Call Redirect

  • Forwarding Rules (to the right of Telefon Büro)
  • Activate Simple call forward ("Einfache Anrufsweiterleitung")
    • First Option: Redirect if number is busy. Choose a contact who you want to redirect to.
    • Second Option: Redirect if no answer. Choose a contact who you want to redirect after 4 rings.


Account / Private PIN

  • Account (Benutzer / Mailbox / Codenummer): last five digits of your phone nummber
  • Default PIN: 12345 (only phone, not webinterface)
  • Set a new private pin:
    • Take the handset or press the loudspeaker key.
    • Dial: *78
    • Wait until you hear the computer voice
    • Dial: 9
    • Dial: 3
    • Dial your new private pin (min 5 numbers, max. 24 numbers) and press # at the end.

Mobile Clients

App Name

OpenScape Mobile


55xxx@system (interne Telefonnummer)


Gleiches wie Webclient



Apple iPhone



  • Add device under Preferences > Devices

    • Name "Mobile" or similar, address im format: +41791234567 eingeben.
    • RNA: how many times should it ring before forwarding?
  • Choose at the call that the source should be the mobile phone.
  • Pick up call.

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