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Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

  • Good to make handwritten notes.
  • Extra pen necessary.

Presenting with a tablet


  1. Tablet with direct cable to HDMI.
  2. Tablet via WLAN to beamer / dedicated device.
  3. Tablet via WLAN to notebook. The Notebook is connected to a beamer.

Option 1: USB-C/HDMI Cable

  1. Connect USB-C / HDMI connector and HDMI cable.
  2. That's all.
    • If tablet and beamer screen different: switch off 'Samsung Dex' to activate 'mirror':
      • Advanced Features > Samsung DeX: Off

Option 2: Apple Airplay, Google Chromecast, Beamer builtin

  • TBD

Option 3: Tablet + Router + Laptop > Beamer

  1. Connect tablet with wlan
  2. Connect notebook with same wlan
  3. Connect notebook to beamer.
  4. On notebook, start 'Connect'
  5. Bring 'Connect' to full screen: arrow left bottom to right top
  6. Tablet:
    1. Open 'Smart View': on top, stripe down two times:
      • tablet.smart-view.jpg

    2. Wait until the notebook name appears. Choose it.

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