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Login: UZH shortname

Various UZH websites uses the UZH shortname / WebPass credentials as login source.

If there is a problem with login, this is typically related to a non updated password on the UZH ITIM WebPass account.

Check your UZH WebPass Credentials

Try to login under:

If this fails, check below 'wrong password'.

Wrong password

Log in under:

Use your UZH fullname, incl. spaces between first and lastname.

Select: Change Password


Check only WebPass


Wait a couple of minutes.

Try again a test login under https://www.math.uzh.ch/li/index.php?id=checkwebpass

If this still fails

  1. Change your WebPass password again to some different (temporarely) password

  2. Change the WebPass password back to your regular one

  3. Try again the test login https://www.math.uzh.ch/li/index.php?id=checkwebpass

No success

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