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Mobile: Scan to PDF

  • A recent mobile with a medium camera should be enough to scan any document (single sheet or series of) and produce a PDF of it.
  • The well known 'CamScanner' app had strong security impacts, instead use alternatives.

  • We checked Microsoft Lens (no advertisement, no registration) and Adobe scan (registration incl. birthday).

  • Both Apps can do batch scan to produce a single PDF out of a series of photos.

Transfer to drive.math.uzh.ch

  • Setup Wiki: drive.math.uzh.ch (Nextcloud) on your mobile and your desktop / thinlinc session.

  • Do a scan and create the PDF.
  • Select the document and share it to Nextcloud (drive.math.uzh.ch)


Share the scan

On your computer (notebook, thinlinc, ...), either:

  • Direct access: use/ upload the PDF to the final target.
  • Create link: log in via webbrowser to https://drive.math.uzh.ch and share your document (e.g. via auto expire anonymous link).

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