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The following applies to I-MATH Thinlinc session.

The Keyring application on thinlinc uses Gnome-Keyring as data store. Different programs uses the Gnome-Keyring to store passwords, e.g. Google Chrome, Owncloud, ... Whenever such an application asks for credentials from the keyring, the 'gnome-keyring-daemon' is started in the background.

If the 'gnome-keyring-daemon' starts the first time, it asks for a master password, to encrypt all further data (typically user/password credentials).

Master password lost

In case the master password is unknown, the keyring database can be deleted (including loosing all stored passwords) - If the keyring has never been actively used, this is not a big loss.

  • Start Applications > Accessoires > Passwords and Keys

  • Delete entries under 'Passwords'


Password & Secrets: Gnome-Keyring

We recommend to use keepassx instead of Gnome-Keyring.

To check the credentials stored in Gnome-Keyring, open 'Applications > Acessoires > Passwords & Keys'

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