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hello.math.uzh.ch: Chat / Video Conference Call / Screen Sharing / File Transfer

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Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS (please check latest)


Applications > Internet > Rocket.Chat

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  • hello.math.uzh.ch is something like WhatsApp, Slack, Skype, ... - but hosted & controlled at I-MATH!

  • The video calls are managed via https://jitsi.math.uzh.ch



  • Create open or private channel (=groups).
    • Invite members to your channel (if is not public).
  • Do Conference Video Calls.
  • Do Screen Sharing (start a video call, then share your screen).
  • Send files (channel or direct to a person).
  • Search/find all your messages.
  • Start a new thread on answering to a message via 'Reply in thread'.
  • Copy screenshots to someone via clipboard (no 'file save' necessary).
  • Mark messages with emoticons.
  • Do a vote via emoticons: Place some emoticons and all users has to click on the emoticon of their choice - a counter is shown.

  • Pin: messages will be shown on top for everyone in the channel.

  • Star: mark those messages which you like to remember.

  • Write LaTeX formatted messages

  • Do some math (examples), type:

    /math derivative("2x^2 + 3x + 4", "x")
  • Search & send clips, e.g. 'cat failed', type:

    /giphy cat failed


  • Check: Never miss a message when offline - do the 'verify my email' process under 'My Account'. After you'll receive an email if a chat message mentions you directly. You can switch the feature at any time.

  • Desktop App:
    • Server address: https://hello.math.uzh.ch

    • Bug: On the login screen you don't see the cursor: just start to type.
    • Bug: Activate desktop notifications: View > Tray Icon (click on it two times).

Thoughts about chat

  • ++ Persons are reliably identified, as long as the account is the I-MATH one - an email sender address is easy to fake.

  • + Chat is efficient for quick notices or discussions.
  • + Chat keeps your email inbox more clean: only the important things will be sent as email.

  • + Easy creation of channels helps to bring people together for specific topics each - think of a channel like an 'email list'.
  • - Another level of notifications.
  • - Too much traffic (chats) on a channel - too little work done in the same time.

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