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  • Formatting of the signature: UZH CD


  1. Go to Preferences >  Signatures

  2. If you don't have a signature yet, click Edit to write it.

  3. Press the Done button

  4. Click Save (upper left corner)

  5. Go to Preferences > Accounts

  6. Now you can choose your signature in the drop-down list at the bottom.


Directly in Thunderbird

  1. Go to Edit > Account Settings

  2. Type / Edit your signature directly in the Window.
    • If the input area is locked, please uncheck the "Attach a signature from a file instead"


  1. Press OK

Signature in a File

You can still use your .signature file:

  1. Check the box Attach the signature from a file instead

  2. Go to the file-location.
  3. In this case: /home/c/nem/.signature

  4. Edit the file with your favorite Texteditor. F.e. nedit

Append a grafic below/as a signature


  • Version 7.2: not possible.


  • Edit > Preferences > Composition > Send Options: 'Send the Message in both, plain text and HTML'.

  • Edit > Account Settings > <account> > Composition > Compose messages in HTML format: On.

  • Edit > Account Settings > <account> >

    • Signature Text: Use HTML - ON
    • In the signature: <img src="http://www.math.uzh.ch/..../signature.png"> or <img src="file:///home/a/user/signature.png">

  • Deposit the image on the personal homepage.