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A single user can have multiple calendars. These calendars might be hosted at different locations/services. E.g. a person has a 'personal' and a 'workgroup' calendar in 'I-MATH Zimbra' and an additional on 'Google Calendar'. Different applications (like Zimbra Webinterface, Thunderbird, Apple Calendar, mobile device ...) has to be configured to access all the different calendars.

Calendars might be shared between a group of users and read/write permissions might be delegated.

I-MATH: Zimbra


  • Apointments, send from a Google calendar are recognized in I-MATH Zimbra.
  • Zimbra calendar appointments are recognized by Google calendar.
  • Remote Google calendar can be configured in the Zimbra Webinterace (but won't be exported to extenal apps - the external app needs to be configured to access Google calendar directly).
  • Thunderbird can be configured to read/write to a Google calendar.
    • Thunderbird can save incoming appointments to a Goolge calendar (with the restriction that the Google calendar is the only calendar in Thunderbird)

UZH: Lotus Notes

  • Not directly used at I-MATH.
  • Apointments send from a UZH user via Lotus Notes are recognized in I-MATH Zimbra.
  • Zimbra calendar appointments are recognized by UZH Lotus Notes.


Join Zimbra Calendar

Join Google Calendar

  1. Thunderbird:
    • Tools > Add-ons > Provider for Google Calendar (More) > Home page (follow the link) > Add to Thunderbird > Restart Thunderbird.

    • File > New > Calendar > On the network > Google Calendar > Next > {your Gmail email address} > Next > {Gmail account details}, allow the Provider for Google Calendar add-on to manage your calendars > Choose the calendars you want > Next > Finish.

  2. Activate 'calendar.google.enableEmailInvitations'
    • Thunderbird: Edit > Preferences > Advanced > Config Editor... > double click on 'calendar.google.enableEmailInvitations'

    • If you want to get appointments directly into the google calendar when accepting, you have to delete your local calendar in Thunderbird (has been created automatically).

For more information see:Use Google Calendar in Thunderbird and Get Appointments directly into Google Calendar debug

Mac OS X


  • davx5 to connect to any CalDav capable calendar (like I-MATH Zimbra) - Cost: 6 CHF

  • Nice calendar app: OneView Calendar