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Backup @ I-MATH

Institutes home directory

  • Thinlinc / Windows Domain / SSH use the institutes home directory.
  • The institutes home directory will be:
    • a) Snapshots are created frequently.
    • b) Backed up daily .
  • The snapshots are accessible to the user, the backup archive is only accessible for IT Staff.
  • Access the snapshots under the directory ~/.zfs/snapshot.

    • Use the Home Folder under Menu Places, press Ctrl L, type the path above, press return.

  • The snapshots and backup are read only.

  • Snapshots:
    • mins_... - every 15 minutes of the last 2 hours.

    • days... - the last 60 days.

    • weeks... - the last 100 weeks.

Personal Computer

  • The Institute does not offer an 'out of the box' backup solution.
  • You are responsible for creating backups by your own.
  • The Institute recommends the following setup:
    • Use Switchdrive https://drive.switch.ch as cloud storage (using Dropbox, Google drive or iCloud 'additionally is fine, but not as an alternative option).

    • Work with your files always inside the Switchdrive directory or configure Switchdrive to use a custom directory.
    • Configure Switchdrive also in your thinlinc Session!
      • Thinlinc: Applications > Accessoires > owncloud DesktopSync client.

      • This makes your mobile files accessible in the thinlinc session.
      • Due to the fact that the I-MATH homedirectory is automatically backed up, you automatically get a read only backup.

      • In case of a Ransomeware infection, we can easily restore the files from the last day. E.g. for Dropbox, you have to restore old versions file by file, which ist unhandy for several hundreds of files.

      • The sync to the Institute is only working if you have a running thinlinc session.

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