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The following rules apply for members of the institute, when they leave the institute:

I-MATH Account lifetime

  • Access: no time limit

    • ... at the moment (this will change in the future).

    • As soon as a time limit is implemented, we'll contact you by email, once a year, if the account is still needed. If you answer yes, the account will be extended.
      • Take care that we always have a recent email address from you.
  • Disk quota: 10GB - If you use more than that, your thinlinc session becomes instable or unusable. No data will be deleted, but you can't change your data anymore. Clean your files and empty your trash!

  • Remote Access: ssh, thinlinc - same.

  • GIT - same.


  • UZH (ZI): A few days after the contract ends, you will receive (this depends on different setups) an email from the ZI (compute center):
    Sie haben die UZH verlassen, deshalb werden Ihre Konten in 7 Tagen suspendiert und anschliessend gelöscht. ...
  • If you like to use your email address after your contract ends, please forward such a mail to I-MATH Support and ask for extending the lifetime of your email address. We will extend it for 2 years, starting from your contract end.

    • Background: after we extended your ZI account (=your email address) the first time (on your request), every 6-months we get a mail from the ZI, asking if the account is still needed. The I-MATH support will automatically answer/extend such request during the next two years.
  • IMPORTANT: As soon as your email address is removed from ZI, you can't receive new mails anymore. Old mails are still accessable on mail.math.uzh.ch.

  • Extending for more than 2 years is possible by good reasons:

    • Accepted reason: still in charge for UZH.
    • Not accepted reason: my address is on recent papers.
  • Mails stored at the mail.math.uzh.ch: same as 'I-MATH Account' lifetime. This means email storage, not email receive.


  • The former member will now appear under 'http://www.math.uzh.ch > Institute > Alumni'

  • The URL of the personal page 'www.math.uzh.ch/index.php?assistenten...' will redirect the browser to the alumni overview page with links to all alumni detail pages.
    • Alumni page: 'www.math.uzh.ch/index.php?alumni_p...'
    • The alumni detail page remains online.
  • Private page 'user.math.uzh.ch/...': Same as 'I-MATH Account lifetime'

WLAN eduroam

  • Lifetime: same as 'lifetime email address'


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