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Staff Y27

Starting 8.6.20 it's ok to work at Y27 with respect to 2m distance. Further details are communicated by email.

Students Y27

Working on the floor is forbidden - chairs are removed. Meeting with Professor/Assistant is ok with respect to 2m distance.

Medical hotline

0800 33 66 55

Latest update: 5.6.2020 / Carsten Rose

General Information

The buildings of the University will be re-open for UZH employees. It is still possible to work from home; presence at work should become slowly the norm again when the situation permits.

Basic rules for working again at I-Math are as follows:

  • At most 2 persons should be present at any time in an office of about 20 m^2; for larger offices: at most 6 persons in G25 and at most 3 persons in H06 and in K30.
  • A minimal distance of 2 meters between two occupants has to be kept at all times.
  • Persons belonging to a risk group have to be alone in their office.
  • When several persons share the same office, they thus have to make an agreement for the occupancy of the office between each other, so that the rules above are fulfilled.
  • For traceability reason, there are two notebooks on tables at the main entrance of the Math Building where everyone should record his/her passages at I-Math. Recall that it is also recommended that everyone should wash their hands frequently, and that offices should be aired regularly.

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