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Kanton Zürich Gesundheitsdirektion / Corona


UZH / Corona


Staff Y271

Have to / please stay home

Students stay at home

Please check the lecture homepage how to get remote access

Building Y27: closed2

until further notice

Medical hotline

0800 33 66 55

General Information

(last update, 11.05.20, 08:48)

The Math Building Y27 (as well as all other UZH-buildings) is locked and can only be entered by people with the suitable badge. Classes and seminars will be transformed into remote teaching.

All employees not ordered to work on-site are not allowed to their work place, with the sole exception of lecturers for their lectures/courses via podcast.

Students are not allowed to enter the building!

Remote Lectures and Seminars


  • Check Veranstaltungen for streaming or cancelled classes and events and further information.


Remote lecture/seminar: You are all encouraged to use it when possible, in order to minimise the effects of the closure of the building on teaching and research. In the case of lectures, especially at the Bachelor level, please ensure before hand that all the students can have access to these means.


If you cancel a specific event (lecture), please send an email to c.fischer@mnf.uzh.ch. Please note that according to UZH policy cancellations of classes have to be approved by the Dean.

Instructions for I-MATH Students and Staff

We kindly ask you to stay at home and work from there during this period. Monitor your health situation and those of persons living with you. Should you feel sick and have flu-like symptoms, elevated temperature or coughing, please call your doctor or the medical hotline at 0800 33 66 55 and mention that you are from the Institute of Mathematics where Coronavirus cases have been reported.

Do not visit a doctor before you have talked to a doctor or the medical hotline.

As we are currently not able to exclude the possibility that you have unknowingly been in contact with SARS-CoV-2 infected person at Y27, we are forced to apply the same rules as when coming back from a country with high infection rates – even if you have no symptoms at all.

  • go home and work from there
  • you are not allowed to enter UZH buildings or ASVZ

  • avoid any type of public or private gatherings
  • avoid contacts with persons with a medical condition
  • make sure that you keep a minimal distance of 2 meters to other persons
  • follow all behaviour rules issued by the Federal Health Office
  • if you need to leave your place, do not use public transportation and avoid rush hours
  • do your shopping preferably online or when in a shop pay contactless
  • check your emails for further information

Thank you for your cooperation and for following strictly these rules of precaution and helping to contain the disease.


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