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By scrolling on the arrow pointing downwards in the lower right hand corner, the view will switch and show all applications (following screen shots) By scrolling on downwards you will find all applications (following screen shots)
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 * and click on the windows icon  * and click on personalized icon (left side, small icon)
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1. find and select your printers

Windows 2012

First Time Login

If your IMATH account has been created before March 1st, 2014, you have to synchronize the Windows password for Windows 2012 before you can log in. This has to be done only once per account.

Follow the steps below in order to synchronize the password:

  1. go to https://www.math.uzh.ch/newpw

  2. enter your user name and password for your IMATH account, and press Login

  3. check the option Keep my old password and leave the fields New password and Retype new password empty.

  4. press Set password. It may take up to 60 seconds for the change to happen.

Once you finished above steps, your password has been synchronized and you can log into Windows 2012 using your IMATH account.

Where are the Applications?

Click on the Windows logo in the lower left hand corner

You will see the Start Screen with a limited set of applications as shown below

By scrolling on downwards you will find all applications (following screen shots)


Where are the Files?

Start Windows Explorer (circled red)


Your personal data is in homes (circled red below)


Shared data on Scratch is in Scratch (S:)


Sign Out/Log Out

In order to sign out/log out, i.e. close all programs and end the sessions, click on the Start Button


  • and click on personalized icon (left side, small icon)
  • a drop down list appears. Click on Sign out.

Arange Windows Side-by-Side

Windows 2012 allows for easy side-by-side alignment of windows:

  1. click on the first window to be aligned
  2. press the Diamond key (adjacent to the Space bar) and keep it pressed. Then press the Cursor Left key. The window will be aligned to the left side of the screen
  3. click on the second window to be aligned
  4. press the Diamond key and keep it pressed. Then press the Cursor Right key. Both windows are now aligned side-by-side (see below for example)


Sound and Video

Currently, sound and video is working, but performance depends on the current bandwidth available


  • all Institute printers are automatically mapped to your winwdows sesssion
  • at first start-up please define you default printer as follow

1. Trouble shooting

  • in case your selected printer disappeared after you disconnect/ reconnect your session
  • please perform a logout from your windows session https://wiki.math.uzh.ch/public/Windows2012#Sign_Out.2FLog_Out

  • in this case you don’t need to perform the steps below as your printer will be mapped after a fresh login again


1. find and select your printers

  • navigate to "Printers & Scanners"

  • Select your required Printer and click on "Manage"


  • click "Set as default" to assign this printer as default printer for all your applications


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