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Livestreaming at IMATH

For Livestreaming on Youtube we have a Camerasetup at the I-Math which you can get at K30 for streaming a Lecture or Seminar.

For a full introduction please Conatct die IT-Support Group in K30 or write a mail to support@math.uzh.ch

What you need:

  • Lenovo Yoga 260
  • DVI2USB Adapter
  • Sony Camera with the Tripod



The Software to Stream is OBS and all things are configured already so you do not need to do anything there.

  • If you do not see the video from the camera, please start the Epiphan software on the desktop to activate the connection between the camera and the laptop
  • To start the Livestream just hit Start Streaming

    • Streaming is always to the I-MATH Youtube channel
    • If you wish to stream to another channel, please contact us


You can also record the Livestream with this software so you can edit the Livestream and upload it afterwards.

  • To start the recording hit Start Recording

If you want to reocrd it with the camera and upload it, then you can get a Macbook at The IT-Office (J40) and use iMovie for cutting and rendering and after that you can upload it to Youtube.

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