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Restore Missing Icons

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Sometimes, it may happen that OpenOffice's toolbar icons have disappeared. There is an easy fix for this:

  • Launch OpenOffice and open the menu Tools -> Options.

  • Select View from the list on the left.

  • Open the icon theme drop down box under the label Icon style and size and select Human.

  • Click Ok.

Now, the icons should be displayed again.

Human readable Matrikelnummern

  • Open a new Spreadsheet file in LibreOffice Calc

  • Copy and paste the data (Matr.Nummer, Vorname, Nachname).
  • Select the column Matr.Nummer, use Format > Cells...

  • Select in the box Category the item Number
  • Down in the Format-Code box write: 00--000--000
  • Hit okay (nothing will change yet)
  • This column still selected use Edit > Find & Replace...

  • In Search For give the two characters "^." and in replace with give just an ampersand "&".


  • Then make sure the options "Current Selection Only" and "Regular Expression" are selected and hit "Replace all"
  • Now the Numbers should be formatted okay.
  • Now in a unused column on the row as the first student paste there the formula:
    • =CONCATENATE("\exam{";B2;"}{";TEXT(C2,"00--000--000");"}{";D2,"}{";E2;"}{}")
  • Change the cell references according to your data!
  • Hit Enter, select this cell and drag the lower right corner downwards so that every students line gets its copy of that formula.
  • Save the file.
  • Select the Column with the formulas and copy it.

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