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GitLab Pages

Gitlab Pages allow you to create a custom website for your repository.


There are various ways to create HTML content and Gitlab Pages does little to limit you in this regard.

Static Pages

The most freedom you get by using pre-built, static websites. Those can be either created by hand from scratch, using a publicly available free template such as HTML5 up or with various page builder programs, like Jekyll or Hyde.

Setting up those sites is easy and illustrated in this gitlab project: https://git.math.uzh.ch/bbaer/pages-static



Creative freedom

Requires either HTML and CSS or knowledge of a framework such as Jekyll.

Not tied to a generator

Jekyll or other builders need to be installed locally

Local Debugging

No need to port existing Homepage

Pages build with Hugo

Hugo is a website framework like Jekyll build on Go, that we have pre installed and can be build directly with via our git runners.

An example Project that can be used is found on our git: https://git.math.uzh.ch/bbaer/pages-hugo



A selection of pre made themes

Bound to one tool

No knowledge of HTML/CSS needed

Porting an existing homepage to hugo, especially without using pre made hugo themes, takes a lot of time and effort

No installation required

Highly optimized webpages

Getting Online

After succesfully creating a Gitlab Page it is at first only reachable within the IMATH Network.

The URL to access it is as follows:


If we look at the previous example:

If you have set up your gitlab page and want it to be available from the outside, please contact support@math.uzh.ch

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