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Streaming Blackboard / Y27

A blackboard camera is installed in:

  • Y27-H12
  • Y27-H25
  • Y27-H28
  • Y27-H36
  • Y27-H46

The blackboard camera and the ceiling microphone are only connected to the seminar room laptop (thinkpad). For streaming the blackboard, this laptop has to be used and running under Linux/Ubuntu.


  • Start the application like Google Chrome (Big Blue Button, Jitsi,..), MS-Teams, Zoom, Skype, ... by clicking on the bullets lower left corner, type the application name and click on it.
  • As camera, select USB Video.

  • AS microphone, select Devio SCR USB Audio (ceiling mic).

Audio output

Select audio output:

  • Lectures with beamer: HDMI Beamer
  • Lectures only with blackboard: Speakers or Headphones

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