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Thinlinc 4.7 / Ubuntu 16.04

Printing @ HOME

If you are at home and you use a Thinlinc session, it's now possible to print to your local connected printer.

  • connect to a thinlinc session from at home
  • you have a printer configured on your home computer
  • inside the thinlinc session choose the printer thinlocal

  • print

Such a document will be redirected to your local printer at home.


  • The latest keepassx version uses a new file format for their database.
  • To migrate, please start the new keepassx and import the old database via 'Database > Import KeePass 1 Database'.

  • Save the new database.

Mixer Applet: The panel encountered a problem ...


  • Please press Delete

  • You might receive print poup notifications which are not initiated by you.
  • We working on this issue.

Clipit / Parcelite

  • parcelite has been replaced by clipit

  • On the first startup, clipit asks you where to hold the clipboard content: file or memory.

  • On 'file' the content will be preserved during log out and log in, cause the content is saved in a file.
    • If you copy passwords to your clipboard, this means that the passwords are in cleartext saved in a clipboard history file.

Citrix / SAP

  • If you start the Citrix app and there is no response: please wait.

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