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 * Microsoft MSDNAA: https://www.uzh.ch/cmsssl/id/dl/sw/spezliz/MSDNAA.html. You get access to a MS shop, where you can buy and download various products for 0 CHF. This is '''not''' for private or commercial use (this is forbidden), only for '''testing!'''


  • Terminals (thinlinc / linux): Check the 'Applications > Science' Menu.

  • Windows virtuell / stations in J11, K49: Check the Start-Menu. Normally, there is nearly no mathematical software installed.
  • Usage from outside of the Institute: thinlinc

  • Your personal computer: you're on your own.
  • If you need an individual software and/or licence for your computer, please contact the IT - Support

  • Short overview about software and licenses:






see S3IT

matlab / S3IT

see S3IT


see S3IT

mathematica / S3IT

see S3IT




Use UZH VPN to connect



ask IMATH support for a copy

MS Windows (see below)



MS Office (see below)



UZH Employee: MS Office on your private computer

  • You need your uzh_shortname and the AAI password (typically identically with your WLAN password for 'public', 'uzh' and 'eduroam').

  • Buy key and get URL to download software: https://www.studyhouse.ch

    • click on Anmelden > choose 'Universitaet Zuerich' > login with uzh_shortname / AAI password.

    • Choose Microsoft Office version, license and language:
      • Microsoft Office / Office 365 University ESD: costs around 80 CHF
        • Right to use for 4 years. Even if you leave UZH. Including 1TB online storage.

      • Microsoft Work-at-Home > Office Professional Plus > Office Professional Plus 2013: costs around 20 CHF

        • Right to use as long as you are UZH employee.

    • After paying you receive a URL to download the software.

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