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When you press Print-Screen (key: 'prt sc' or 'print' or 'druck') the screen will get a dark overlay and you can select the area you want to screenshot and immediately start editing the image.



command line

For more advanced user, 'scrot' is a command line tool that takes screenshot of either fullscreen, current window or selection area. You can bind this command to the printscreen key if you visit System > Hardware > Keyboard Shortcut and scroll down to the custom keybinds. There you will see the Printscreen function and can edit it to execute one of those:

# Create a screenshot of the entire screen in your home directory with a datetime stamp
scrot ~/%y%m%d_%H%M.png

# Create a screenshot of the current window in your homedirectory
scrot -ub ~/%y%m%d_%H%M.png

# Opens a selection tool to select the area to screenshot
scrot -s ~/%y%m%d_%H%M.png

For advanced info on scrot type man scrot in a terminal.

Workflow to put images to the Wiki

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