Rocket Chat

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You can mention a person by writing @username. Mentioning intended targets directly is recommended, it helps them to find your messages and keep track of it over time.

You can filter all messages that mention you by opening the '@ Mention' View found in the more menu mentioned above.

Starred Messages

If you want to remember a message for later, you can star it by clicking on the 3 dots at the right side of the message and choosing Star Message, see Screenshot below.

We recommend to use this for questions or tasks you can't answer right now. If they are no longer relevant, its also possible to unstar them.

Pinned Messages

Pinned Messages can only be set by the Channel Owner and Moderators. Everyone in the Channel can see them, generally used for important announcements or as an FAQ.



Chat commands start with a slash. For instance, /help to show some useful keyboard shortcuts, /giphy to search for a fitting animated image or /tableflip to flip the table.



Latex Code can be used in a chat message. You can either use $5+5$ to display it inline with the rest of the text or $$5+5$$ for creating a new line, centered. It also works with \(5+5\) or \[5+5\]