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Printing via Linux

  • Printing from private notebooks is only possible via LAN (not via WLAN).
  • Enable: 'show remote printers'
  • Hint: after the first time activating your Notebook at IMATH, it's possible that you have to wait up to 15 minutes before the printers appear. If you deactive/activate your network or if your reboot your machine, the printer will be displayed immediately.
  • The printers at UZH advertise their presence using the mDNS protocol, so, in order to see the printers on the network, you must have an mDNS client installed and configured. This can be accomplished, on most systems, by installing the 'nss-mdns' module, and adding 'mdns' or 'mdns_minimal' to the 'hosts' line in '/etc/nsswitch.conf'. Note that, in most distributions, nss-mdns requires the 'avahi-daemon' to be installed and running.