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The mathcomp project

The mathcomp project is a java software to solve custom differential equations using finite elements. Currently the software is in a process of recreation. Please contact Christian Wüst for any questions.

How to include the mathcomp project into eclipse

  1. Launch eclipse by typing "eclipse" in a console
  2. Change the view: "Window->Open Perspective->Other..." and choose "CVS Repository Exploring"

  3. Right-Click in the "CVS Repositories"-Panel and choose "New->Repository Location..."

  4. Enter the connection details as shown in the image below


  1. Open the data tree and find the mathcomp directory as shown in the image below


  1. Right-Click on the mathcomp directory and select "Check Out" (This will copy the project to your local workspace directory).
  2. Change the Perspective back to "Java" and the software is ready to be used.



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