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Mail Merge: sending mass mail via Thunderbird

Quick Intro

  1. Create a receiver list as CSV File
  2. Start to write the Mail. As receiver (field To) write {{email}}.

  3. Inside of the 'new mail'-window,
    • click on menu: File > Mail Merge.

      • Choose: Personal Mail

      • Deliver Mode: Send Later

      • Format: Plain Text

      • Browse and select the CSV File (step 1) with all the receiver email addresses.

      • Click OK.

    • The 'new mail' window disappears.
    • All mails will be generated and copied to Local Folders > Outbox. Here you can check the mails.

    • To send all mails, click on File > Send unsent messages

  4. You'll find a copy of each mail in your send folder.

Detailed description

CSV file with receiver email addresses


Write Mail



Mail Merge


Sending Mails



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