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Setup Y27H36

  • This rooms has a special key! Get the key to room Y27H36 from secretary (Y27K16) or IT group (Y27J40), during Friday.

Video & Sound

  • Presentation: any medium laptop will be fine. Requirements:
    • VGA output.
    • 3.5mm ear jack output.
    • Best: Reserve & rent a Laptop from IMATH IT group.


  • Power on the Beamer
  • Check the Speaker switch: position to 1



  • Connect
    • Power
    • VGA
    • Network (LAN)
    • Sound


  • Power on the laptop.
  • Check the Screen resolution.
    • Maybe you get a message that '1280x720 ist not optimal' - ignore this. This is the best.
      • If you don't have 1280x720, try to configure it.
      • This resolution gives you the biggest physical size on the wall, the sharpest image and the best video quality.


  • The picture below shows the best screen size:


  • Start Firefox, open the URLs from above.
  • After starting a video - on the bottom line of the 'video player':
    • click the small gear-wheel, settings, and change the quality to 1040p or 720p (HD) ,

    • make the 'video player' fullscreen


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