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This is a unique project that gives mathematics students the opportunity to improve their study process with the support from the IT department. Video lectures, podcasts, student app, math forum - these are the recent ideas that we took in our consideration. But this project does not restrict itself only to such "fancy" development steps. We collect information about and try to improve the IMATH-'my' webpage (https://www.math.uzh.ch/my/), I-Math mainpage (http://www.math.uzh.ch/), other uni online resources to make them more user-friendly and useful to students. Thus, we kindly advice everyone to take part in our challenging project.


1. Improvement of the study process via IT

2. Improvement of the I-Math services with the students support

  • analysis of the current situation
  • ideas on improvement
  • optional: implementation of the ideas


  • Analysis of the I-Math services
  • Survey students and assistants
  • Which other services are used by students (OLAT?)
  • Which services are demanded
  • Comparison with other universities




Analysis of the I-Math services








(German)2 https://www.surveymonkey.com/results/SM-Y5JNKFHV/

(English) https://www.surveymonkey.com/results/SM-JZR3LFHV/

Analysis of the OLAT resourse


Designating of the new IT introduction brochure


Recording of the IT tutoring videos

ITIM introduction: at my/Best practice

Thinlink introduction: at my/Best practice


Comparison with ETH online services



ETH Web Forum


Other ETH online services


  • Two wiki pages supporting the project are created: SBP (operational, private), Student_IT_best_practice (public)

Suggestions / Actions




my > Home Quota

this tab's necessity is not clear - merged with the Overview as a descriptive box: Disk Quota at IMATH


my > Overview: semester dates

show semester dates under my


my > Overview: examinations dates

show examinations dates under my too

my > Overview: link to handout

link to IMATH-'IT Services Information'


my > Overview: personal lectures

show under my the personal subscribe lectures - only if logged in user is a student. Linked to the the 'my/lectures' page

my > Lectures > homework grades

Add the personal homework performance rating among other students (e.g. in the form: "my place № / number of the enrolled students", where the placement is defined by simple compare without percentage calculation)

my > printing: webprint interface

sending printing commands via browser (similar to the ETH webpage: http://idvpp01.ethz.ch/vpppdf.html)

in progress

my > student app

student app (with a full or partial functionality of My; with other useful features as a task manager, data exchange tool, university buildings maps, so on)

my > planning tool

online study planning with the progress estimate (could also be implemented under the student app)

my + IMath solutions > The students forum

* The students forum with the support from the teaching assistants; * platform where students could find a learning group, homework partners; * online solution to share lecture notes, lecture summaries

my + IMath solutions > podcast

video lectures, online streaming in the form of webinar

my + IMath solutions > general

The opportunity for professors to represent their plan of lectures by date (as in Olat)

my + IMath solutions > general

easier way to access the previous years exams info

my + IMath solutions > general

Better structured archive with the previous and recent scripts over all semester & lectures

IT courses3

Introductory courses to LaTeX or other mathematical programs (Sage, Mathematica, …)

math.uzh.ch > Students > FAQ: link to handout

link to IMATH-'IT Services Information'


News Channel

Student , Iinstitute: latest important information, f.e. new videos, start semester, personal exam....

  • 'My' as a common deposition to get the final remarks before it's on the Leistungsausweis
  1. The survey for the mathematics students: German - https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/QZPZMPP English - https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/R527CHV (1)

  2. German survey commentary - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1t2gZh50bVMEVq83ROaTTuKZWrLsjGJR6zfHI8dX1BPs/edit?usp=sharing (2)

  3. If you have some suggestions on which IT courses could be useful for the students, please do not hesitate to contact us (3)

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