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Remark Office: evaluation of 'multiple choice' forms

  • Use the Windows-computer in room H52 to work on.
  • Good to know:
    • There is a Star-Office template for the exam. Filename: Answersheet.odt

    • There is a Remark Office template for the evaluation. Filename: Template.omr

    • scanning ~320 sheets takes arround 45 minutes
    • optimizing the result manually takes arround 30 minutes

Proceed as following to process 'multiple choice' forms:

  • Log in to the Windows machine. Use your normal math.uzh login data for this.
  • Start up the Remark Office: Start / Programms / Tools / Remark Office / Remark Office OMR Data Center
  • Load SP2Template.omr template from the corresponding folder:

    • RemarkOffice_StartupTemplate02.jpg

    • RemarkOffice_LoadTemplate01.jpg

  • Place the sheets, oriented as shown on the picture, on the scanner /!\ do not place more than 30-40 sheets at once. Please stack them clean and tidy, to avoid paperjam.

  • RemarkOffice_Scanner01.jpg

  • Start the Read Wizard, it should start to process your sheets now

    • RemarkOffice_ReadWizzard.jpg

  • After the first stack of sheets is finished scanning, you will be asked if you want to scan more. choose Yes and repeat until all necessary sheets are processed.

  • The results of the scanned sheets will appear on the screen. Each line represents one scanned exam sheet.
  • As soon as all sheets are scanned, you propably need to correct potential errors. (such as empty fields, double checked fields, etc.)
  • To do so, locate the cells marked with colors and manually choose the correct entry by clicking into the cell. Each color represents a different type of error.
    • RO-ErrorTypes.jpg RO-ErrorCorrecting.jpg

  • Use File/Save As to save as .orm File and as .xls (Excel 2003) and process it in Excel to evaluate the results.