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== Outlook ==

 * URL: https://outlook.office365.com
 * To login, use your email address and password from Active Directory account (typically like the WLAN password).
 * FAQ: https://www.zi.uzh.ch/en/support/it-workplace/ms365/outlook/faq.html

 * I-MATH member and I-MATH alumni: After the migration of Lotus Notes to Office365, the '''email forward''' to the I-MATH mailserver is '''lost'''.

   * https://wiki.math.uzh.ch/public/email/office365
   * Please reconfigure the forward to I-MATH mailserver by yourself, or get in touch with us (https://math.uzh.ch/support).
   * As forwarding address, please set {{{<firstname>.<lastname>@mail.math.uzh.ch}}} - note the '''mail''' after the @ sign. This is not an official address, it's a technical address to make the forward work.
   * To do the outlook forward configuration, please follow [[https://www.zi.uzh.ch/en/support/it-workplace/ms365/outlook/faq.html|FAQ]] > 2.) Forwarding
Please check: [[email/office365]]


Please check: email/office365

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