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UZH - Email migration to Lotus Notes


  • The email system of the whole university will be migrated to 'Lotus Notes'
  • The Math institute uses already a good collaboration solution for email and calendar. Therefore we won't use Lotus Notes in the near future, maybe later.
  • In general: all UZH incoming and outgoing mail have to be routed through the Mailservers of the UZH (that's now Lotus Notes). This is the only reason why our institute is affected by the migration.
  • As a requirement of Lotus Notes, all accounts needs to be merged to a real existing person. This means all 'math.uzh.ch' and 'amath.uzh.ch' addresses must be assigned to an Uni Access address ('m'-number). This has been done already.


End User Guide: http://www.id.uzh.ch/neu/groupware/migration.html

  • (./) 'Kopplung Ihrer Konten':

    • All 'm'-accounts have been assigned. The 's.......' accounts are still open.
    • Special email address like 'sekretariat@math' or 'workgroup email list'-addresses has been assigned to the effective owner as 'Funktionskonto'.
  • 'Vorbereitung'
  • 'Mailmigration auf Lotus Notes'
    • Montag 21.06.10, 17:30 - Mittwoch 23.06.10 07:00
    • X-( - No incoming mail (sended outside of the institute) from Monday 21.06.10, 17:30 to latest Wednesday 23.06.10 07:00 - This means no incoming Mail on Tuesday, 22.6.10. The institutes internal mail will work as usual.

    • New Passwords for the Identity Manager - after the migration - we will contact you !

Wednesday: 23.6.10

  • /!\ Check your mail: Send yourself a mail from outside of the university (f.e. gmail, gmx, ...) .

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